Eighteen Thousand Islands - Kecap Manis (Gluten Free)
Eighteen Thousand Islands - Kecap Manis (Gluten Free)

Eighteen Thousand Islands - Kecap Manis (Gluten Free)

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A staple of Indonesian cuisine, kecap manis is a delicious, versatile must-have condiment for your pantry! Enhance a stir-fry, marinate your meat or just drizzle over your rice or noodles, is there nothing kecap manis can't do?

What's more, Eighteen Thousand Islands' kecap manis is one of the only kecap manis on the market that is gluten free (and we may be biased but we reckon it is hands-down the tastiest!) This is a classic flavour from the archipelago.

- Gluten + Dairy Free
- Vegan
- GMO free soybeans

- Made in Melbourne

Pantry tip: A must-have condiment in your pantry. Drizzle it over rice, marinade your meats, or use it as the missing piece to your stir-fry! And if you really feel like mixing it up, substitute this for tamari in your vegan vegemite! 

The Pantry loves Eighteen Thousand Islands, because it's a family affair ~ Who would have thought back in the 90's, at this family dinner no doubt accompanied by bucket loads of satay sauce, that Chris (Eighteen Thousand Islands founder - underwhelmed & 2nd right) would one day be selling his gourmet sauces to his little cousin Al (The Daily Pantry founder - middle blob with her head in the cake) to sell on the internet.

Ingredients: Water, brown sugar, non-GMO soy sauce, golden syrup, sodium benzoate