Living Synergy - Nut Milk Bag

Living Synergy - Nut Milk Bag

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Say sayonara to long life carton nut milk (with weird additives)!

And hello to cheap, healthier, easy homemade milks.

These Living Synergy nut milk bags are high quality, good sized, fine meshed, strong, durable, easy to clean and quick drying.

Made form food grade polyester ~ they are built to last!

Pantry Note: For creamy milks follow these rations (and don't forget to soak for maximum output)

1 part coconut : 2 parts water

1 part almond : 4 parts water

1 part oat : 4 parts water

1 part hemp : 6 parts water

The Pantry loves Living Synergy because it's tried and tested. We've had our bag for 5+ years and it's still going strong.