The Daily Pantry - Gluten Free Flour Plain

The Daily Pantry - Gluten Free Flour Plain

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Cake it, bread it, make gravy with it....this flour is your key to unlock a baked gluten free world 

The Pantry loves gluten free flour for, well um, our gluten free friends

Pantry Tip: The inclusion of potato and corn starch in gluten free flour helps to add bulk and texture to baked goods and help thicken gravy.

Gluten free flour is obviously missing the protein 'gluten' which is the binding agent in flour. This is why when subbed straight into a recipe for wheat flour, your gluten free baked goods may turn out a little flatter and crumblier than normal.

Our tip is to add extra egg to the recipe to help bind (or xantham gum...but you're in lock down, so you probably don't have access to that...sing out if you want us to try and hunt some down for ya'll!) And if you're vegan, a little crumble never hurt anyone did it?

Ingredients: Rice flour, maize flour, tapioca starch, rice bran, guar gum

Country of Origin: Australia and Imported