The Daily Pantry - Organic Quinoa White

The Daily Pantry - Organic Quinoa White

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Laugh at it all you want you "keen-wah" knockers, this high protein Ancient Grain is a trusty and filling companion to many a meal.

The Pantry Loves quinoa for its protein, fibre and nutrient profile. This gluten-free grain has a complete protein profile, in other words it's got all 20 amino acids that exist (which is pretty rare for a plant food)

It also has twice the fibre of regular grains (your gut will love you) and is packed full of antioxidant, vitamins and minerals.

Pantry Tip: Rinse + 1 : 1.5 + Fluff

In other words, for fool proof quinoa:

1. Rinse your quinoa, to help remove the bitter taste (which is from it's own in-house natural insecticide) + strain with a sieve

2. Pop into a pot in ratio 1 cup quinoa : 1.5 cups water. Add a lil' salt. Bring to boil slowly as to not overflow (ahh who are we kidding it's going to overflow no matter what you do, just embrace the boiled quinoa juice on your stove top we say)

3. Turn down to low heat, pop lid on for 15-20mins until water has absorbed and quinoa has unfurled itself. Rest + fluff with fork for perfect un-gluggy quinoa.

Country of Origin: Peru/Bolivia